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Hollow Metal Frames

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Michbi offers a full line of 16 gauge knockdown (KD) frames in galvanneal steel to meet any of your architectural needs.  Constructed of ASTM-525 galvanneal steel, our frames are durable and versatile.  Unlike other hollow metal suppliers, we can fabricate various size frames and custom profiles in our state of the art factory.  In addition, we can fabricate frames in 13, 14 and 18 gauge as well as stainless steel.  We stock a wide range of throat sizes including 3-1/2,"  3-3/4," 4-5/8," 4-7/8," 5-5/8," 6-1/8," 7-1/4," and 7-3/4."  We stock also widths in the most popular sizes:  2'-0," 2'-4," 2'-6," 2'-8," 2'-10," 3'-0," 3'-4," 3'-6," 3'-8," 4'-0," 5'-0," and 6'-0."  Combined with our stock heights of 6'-8" and 7'-0,"  we are able to expedite your frame orders by combining stock material with custom fabrication.  Many options are available including fire-rating, lead-lining, specialty frames and non-standard sizes are available upon request.

Knockdown Drywall Frames (KDW Series) come in three parts and are designed to be installed after drywall opening is finished.  These frames are ideal for new construction as the installation is fast and neat in appearance.  Our most popular frames come mitered with pressure-fit anchors, weld in base strap anchors, corner gussets and prepped for hinges and strike.  

Masonry Welded Frames (MW Series) have welded face corners that are ground smooth and come standard reinforced with   masonry strap anchors as well as dust covers for all hardware cut outs.  A variety of specialty anchors are available upon request to meet your construction needs.  These frames are typically used in new masonry wall construction as the contractor builds the wall around the frame.  As with all of Michbi frames, welded floor anchors, hinge and lock strike preps are standard.  Continuously welded frames are available upon request.

Drywall Welded Frames (DW Series) also have welded corners that are ground smooth.  Various wall anchors are available, the most popular being a welded Z anchor in this application.  These frames are typically used in new drywall construction where the contractor is erecting a wall around the framing material.  These frames come standard with hinge and lock strike preps.  Upon request, these frames can be made continuously welded as well.

Specialty frames that are also available upon request include single rabbet, cased opening, double egress, hospital stops, buck/sub-buck,  pocket door, split top, transom and side-lite frames.   Michbi also offers lead lined frames that are utilized in areas where radiation issues occur such as hospitals and laboratories.  We are licensed under ITS and UL to fabricate full spectrum fire-rated materials.