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Hollow Metal Doors


Michbi has the right door for your needs, whether you are looking for security, fire-rated, durability or aesthetics.  Our full line of commercial and institutional hollow metal doors are manufactured from ASTM -525 galvanneal steel and can be made to meet your project requirements.  Our galvanneal steel has a uniform appearance that resists corrosion and provides an excellent base for painting without the need for priming.  By combining superior materials and workmanship, our products have earned a reputation for quality and performance.

Our doors are available in many styles, gauges and cores including honeycomb, steel-stiffened, stainless steel, polystyrene, lead lined and temperature rise.  We offer a wide range of vision kits and louvers in addition to our custom inlay visions.  Upon request, we can close the top and / or bottom of the door.  These options make our doors able to meet a wide range of applications including yours..

Our Galvannealed Honeycomb (GH-Series) is our most popular door.  Constructed of 18 gauge ASTM-525 galvanneal steel with lockseam edges, it is a durable and cost effective.  We stock a multitude of sizes in 1-3/4" thick, flush faced doors with  and without a 161-cylindrical lock prep and hinge preps.  Standard size widths are 2'-0," 2'-4," 2'-6," 2'-8," 2'-10," 3'-0," 3'-4," 3'-6," 3'-8" and 4'-0" in both 6'-8" and 7'-0" heights.  

Our Galvannealed  Honeycomb Seamless (GHS-Series) is the same as our GH-Series only the edges have been tackweld with bondo and ground smooth for a seamless appearance.  

Our Galvannealed Polystyrene (GPS-Series) has a polystyrene core for areas calling for an insulated door.  

Our Galvannealed Ribbed (GR-Series) is reinforced internally with 22ga vertical steel stiffeners and filled with rockwool insulation creating a heavy-duty door that is rugged, durable and has superior endurance while maintaining its adaptability.  Use this door where security or heavy usage are issues.

Our Galvannealed Ribbed Seamless (GRS-Series) is the same as our GR-Series except that the edges have been filled with body filler and ground smooth for a seamless appearance.  This door is perfect where strength and durability are as much an issue as aesthetics.

 Our Galvannealed Temperature Rise (GTR-Series) is designed to impede and limit heat transmission generated from a fire.  Our temperature rise doors are rated up to 250-degree for 30 minutes on a 90-minute fire-rated door.

Our Galvannealed Lead Lined (GLL-Series) is designed for use where radiation protection is required such as hospitals and laboratories. These doors are available with lead thickness ranging from 1/32" to 1/4".

Looking for access doors? Michbi Doors can provide full spectrum of Karp access doors and panels to meet your needs.

Michbi also has a hollow metal door that has an STC-35 rating that is designed to resist airborn sound transmission.  Using field applied Pemko S88 gasketing, our STC-35 door is 18 gauge, steel reinforced with a Pemko 420 door bottom installed.